What Kind of Blogs Make the Most Money in 2024

By admin Mar29,2024

blog It is likely that if you are reading this article, you want to know the most appropriate types of blogs from an economic point of view during the year 2022. This is therefore a common question or thought for those who intend to start a blog. However, it is common among those individuals with an already established blog, who want to obtain more income from their website.1
Although the possibility of earning income with any type of blog is true, there are certain types and niches that tend to produce more benefits than others. In this article, we will look at the top 10 types of income generating blogs in the year 2022 and beyond.

However, it is important to keep in mind that if you have just started blogging, make sure that as you go through this list, you find the different topics that you are passionate about and that you like. This way, the path will be more fruitful and you may get there more quickly, since you will be excited to be able to write and collaborate on your blog. To inspire you, we will include several examples of profit-generating blogs with different blog category names. You should use them to come up with income-generating ideas, potential ways you can also make money with your blog, but don’t copy them without rhyme or reason. Have you ever wondered which blog is suitable from a profit point of view: Blogger or WordPress ? Find out yourself.

1. John Lee Dumas / Entrepreneurship, Online Business and Podcasting


  • Website  —  eofire.com
  • Site age — 5 years
  • Niche — Entrepreneurship, online business and podcasting
  • Total income — December 2017 — $210,291
  • Expenses — December 2017 — $66,798
  • Net Profit — December 2017 —$143,493

Since October 2012, the Eofire.com blog has been making money. In its first year, Eofire.com has raised $69,879, netting $26,143. At the time this article is published, Eofire.com has raised more than $12.5 million. In February 2016, John’s company had revenue of $595,936. Although John started with podcasts creating new entrepreneurs, he is currently dedicated to marketing his own articles, mainly through online courses and electronic manuals. John has produced approximately 1900 episodes for his podcast, featuring interviews with both aspiring and accomplished entrepreneurs. You can learn a lot about running your online business from podcasts.
His main source of income consists of his podcasts and his books.


Blog statistical data

Alexa rating: 39,159 Number of followers on Twitter: 59.3k Domain links: 4.63k When visiting Eofire.com, you will notice that the entire discourse and content of the portal is common. And John is focused on developing his brand.

  1. Createandgo.co / Entrepreneurship, Online Blogs

    With their first blog Createandgo.co, created in 2015, the founding members of Createandgo.co began making money by creating a health and wellness blog that generated $103,457.98 in the first year. After growing this blog to $10,000 they decide to show other bloggers how to make money through Create and Go.

  • Website  —  Createandgo.co
  • Site age  — 1.7 years
  • Niche  — Entrepreneurship, online blogging
  • Total Revenue — January 2019 — $142,071
  • Expenses — January 2019 — $60,000
  • Net income  — $82,071

Created by Alex and Lauren (former personal trainer and accountant), in 2018 they earned 1,660,000 US dollars with just 600,000 dollars in expenses, making their blog’s revenue exceed one million dollars. Create and Go’s greatest source of success is direct and comes from search engines:


Blog analysis

  • Alexa Index: 100,930
  • Domain link: 2 018

Earnings from digital services and products: 79,093.95

His main source of income is his courses and books. Affiliate Earnings: $61,206.90 Alex and Lauren’s commissions are generated by the dissemination of services and hosting.

  1. Will Tang / Travel Blogging

This is Will, a newcomer to travel blogs who has been publishing his income newsletter since November 2014. Breakthrough Travel Blog is a website for users who want to be digital nomads.

  • Website —  TravelBlogBreakthrough.com
  • Site age — 2 years
  • Niche — Internet Marketing, Travel Blogs
  • Total income — $2,271.29
  • Expenses — $587.55
  • Net income — $1,683.74

In one of the most competitive niches, Will has been able to see huge gains in a short time. In addition to regular posts on his travel blog, he also produces podcasts. However, most WordPress users don’t know enough about how to create a travel blog similar to Will’s, so it is possible to find WordPress themes appropriate for this type of blog.


Blog details

  • Position on Alexa: 1,660,057
  • Number of followers on Twitter: 2.1k
  • Linked domain: 170

 Forms of monetization

Affiliate Marketing: $275,000

Earn a good sum of money thanks to affiliate links.

4. Nathan / SEO, Internet Marketing

This is the first blog that Nathan has launched, to follow his evolution in the field of blog development and affiliates. Meanwhile, Nathan has created some amazing posts about blogging, entrepreneurship, and local SEO.

  • Website — IncomeBully.com
  • Site age — 1 year
  • Niche — SEO, Internet Marketing
  • Total Revenue — November 2021 — $2,222
  • Expenses — November 2021 — undisclosed

However, the most important motivation that Jonathan had was the fact that the most important companies in the sector were deceiving the population by selling their products. So he wanted to build a blog that would offer people free content. Income Bully is Nathan’s adventure in creating passive income. He runs an offline web agency business. Therefore, people who wish to have a blog as a source of passive financing cannot miss their publications.

Blog Features

  • Alexa Rank: 1,489,076
  • Number of followers on Twitter: 2.9k
  • Linked domains: 218

Forms of monetization

Affiliate Marketing: $128 A small amount of profit is made from referral links.

5. Michelle Gardner / Frugal Lifestyle, Savings

Michelle Gardner is known as the author of her blog Making Sense of Cents. It is therefore about saving and knowing the possibilities that a better life offers. They teach those who read it that saving and managing their finances is a way to change their lives.

  • Website —  MakingSenseOfCents.com
  • Site age — 5.5 years
  • Niche — Frugal lifestyle, savings
  • Total Revenue — December 2017 — $126,260
  • Expenses — December 2017 — $7,983.85
  • Net Profit — December 2017 — $113,276.66

Michelle started the blog to improve her accounts and take stock of her progress so that her readers could learn how to do it. She managed to pay off her student debt of $38,000 over 7 months from an online business. He publishes very detailed articles about extra income and controlling emotions.


Blog statistical data

  • Alexa rating: 88,769
  • Number of followers on Twitter: 18.6k
  • Linked domains: 2.55k

Monetization techniques

  • Affiliate Marketing: $64,828.51
  • Advertisements: $13,716.00

Michelle relies on advertising on her blog to achieve greater income.

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