The Ultimate Guide to the 10 Hottest Earning Affiliate Programs of 2024

By admin Apr15,2024
Earning Affiliate ProgramEarning Affiliate Program

Earning affiliate program every modern person at least once dreamed of an income that would bring passive income and would not require additional education and personal financial investments. With the advent of the Internet, everyone has this opportunity. Affiliate programs are a great chance to start earning real money without professional education or initial investment.

It is beneficial to use them if you have your own website, YouTube channel, or page on social networks with a large number of followers.

In the article, I will talk about earning from affiliate programs and the pros and cons of this type of earning. And I will also share the best partners for earning in 2023.


  • How the affiliate program works
  • Advantages of affiliate programs
  • Cons of affiliate programs
  • Types of affiliate programs
  • How much can you earn from affiliates
  • Choosing an affiliate program
  • List of the best affiliate programs for earning
  • Salesdoubler
  • Admitad
  • Best change
  • Travelpayouts
  • ActionPay
  • Rosetta
  • New Trend


  • Conclusion

How the affiliate program works

An affiliate program is a form of cooperation in which you attract new customers to an existing business. For this, a reward is given in each program – a certain percentage of the purchase.

A special link is used to attract customers. The more people click on it and take the targeted action, the higher your earnings will be.

The point is to place the provided links or promotional materials on sites with a high volume of traffic. It can be a bulletin board, a group on a social network, your own website, etc.

Advantages of affiliate programs

There are many advantages of this method of earning:

  1. You don’t need to create your product. Your task is to recommend the goods or services of other companies.
  2. There is no need to invent an advertising concept, all necessary materials will be provided by the customer. All you have to do is find a site with high traffic and place a ready-made landing page or advertising banner with a referral link.
  3. You don’t need to invest your money. Earning affiliates is a great option to earn money without starting capital. You don’t need to invest your own money, all you need is your computer and the Internet.
  4. Anyone can participate in the program. The main thing is to understand what kind of product you are promoting, and you can start.
  5. Absence of boring monotonous work. The scheme of earning from affiliates involves beautifully and competently offering users a service or product from a partner. Often this work is interesting and even creative.
  6. Ability to combine with the main job. If you are worried about whether it is possible to combine earnings from affiliates from scratch with your work, then do not worry. This type of income can be combined with the main job.
  7. You can work in several programs at the same time. No one limits you in the number of partners to participate. The main thing is to find a high-quality and popular product that you can present to your audience.

Cons of affiliate programs

  1. The main disadvantage of affiliate programs is the instability of earnings. Many factors intersect here – from how many people will see the link and click on it, to the relevance of the product itself. The only resource you can lose is time.
  2. To earn in affiliate programs, you need to understand and be able to predict which product is of high quality and how relevant it will be. Because the same product can bring you different income at different times. For example, a product that is at the peak of popularity may bring you $500 one month and only $50 the next.

Types of affiliate programs

According to the type of earnings, affiliate programs are divided into four types:

  1. Pay Per Clicks(CPC). You post a referral link on your website or blog. For each click on the link and transfer to the customer’s site, you receive a small reward.
  2. Pay Per Impressions(CPV). You are charged for the number of ad impressions. You place the customer’s advertising banner and receive payment for each viewing of this advertisement. The calculation is usually made for 1000 impressions.
  3. Compensation per sale(CPS). This method is most often used in affiliates of online stores. You give a link to the product, and the consumer buys it. In this case, your payment is a percentage of the sale.
  4. Cost per action(CPA). In such affiliate programs, you are paid for certain user actions: registering on the site, completing a survey, watching a video, downloading a file, and so on.

How much can you earn from affiliates?

It is not possible to name the exact amount of earnings from affiliate programs. Income from affiliates depends on many factors:

  • popularity of the partner program;
  • conditions offered by a specific partner;
  • the method of attracting potential customers that you will use;
  • relevance and demand for the product or service that you advertise and promote.

One thing can be said for sure: the more customers you attract, the higher your earnings will be.

Choosing an affiliate program

The entire process of working in a partnership can be briefly described in five stages.

  1. Finding the best affiliate program. First, you study all available offers and then choose the option you like. At this stage, it is recommended to look at the amount of commissions, methods of making payments, as well as other people’s reviews about the program.

Ask a question of interest to the support service of the partner and see how quickly they will give you an answer.

Remember – the greater the demand and the more popular the brand, the more you can earn with its help.

  1. Registration and receiving a referral link. Here you create a new account on the customer’s website and receive referral links and all necessary materials for promotion.
  2. Promotion. At this stage, you are looking for a platform where you plan to promote the partner’s product. It can be your own site or blog, a YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook profile, various communities and forums, contextual advertising, etc.
  3. Receiving a reward. You can view the amount of money earned in your personal account on the partner’s website. Statistics will show how many people clicked on the link or saw the ad (depending on the selected program).
  4. Withdrawal of money. Customers in affiliates offer to withdraw money to various electronic wallets (for example, WebMoney), a bank card, or a current account.

List of the best affiliate programs for earning

Most affiliate programs work on the same principle. However, some companies offer more favorable terms of cooperation and payment within the framework of the partnership. I have collected for you the best affiliate programs for earning.


SalesDoubler is an international partner network with offices in Ukraine and Kazakhstan and a focus on FinTech, E-Commerce, and Crypto verticals. SalesDoubler also specializes in microfinance (UA and WW) and FMCG. Maximally optimized for Ukrainian traffic. Advertisers include Moneyveo, PrivatBank, and Alfa-Bank.

    • Offers over 300 affiliate programs in 20+ available GEOs. She is known for her work with top advertisers directly.
    • Provides webmasters with personal conditions for working with offers from banks, microfinance companies, cryptocurrency brokers, and online stores.
    • Educates webmasters and integrates useful tools to improve their comfort and conversions: free showcase site builder, SMS sender SD Sender, Global Postback and Trafficback (URL) functions, established integrations with GA, CPAPI, and Facebook, multi-application via API. The list can be continued.

Among the downloaded GEOs: are Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Vietnam, Mexico, Spain, Sri Lanka, Poland, Romania, Colombia, and others.

Salesdoubler can safely be called TOP-1 in the UA segment – 10 years of fruitful work.


  • A very large number of financial programs (loans, cards, loans);
  • Good technical support, Admitad format XML feeds;
  • Conducting contests among webmasters with prize draws;
  • Quality analytics system;
  • Availability of a referral program;
  • Large selection of offers related to the financial market (the best on the market). is a partner program of Ukrainian hosting

This program is suitable for site developers, bloggers who talk about the first steps in web development, as well as those who maintain media resources about Internet technologies.

By the way, I created my site on this hosting and I can recommend it to you.

The amount of payments depends on the service paid by the user. The reward mustn’t be one-time – you can receive it with each payment by referral of one (or several) services.

Admitad is one of the largest catalogs of affiliate programs, which occupies top positions in all thematic ratings. Advertisers include Aliexpress, Booking, Rozetka, World of Tanks, Lamoda, Alfa-Bank, and many others. This affiliate program for earning uses almost all known models, from CPA to FTD (First Time Deposit).

The catalog contains almost 500 offers for Ukrainian traffic in the following niches:

  • online stores;
  • finances;
  • Internet services;
  • online games;
  • tourism;
  • mobile;
  • adult

The partner’s profit level depends on the cost of the target action. In financial niches, the commission of a webmaster can reach several hundred dollars, in “cheap” ones – a few cents.



  1. Convenient personal office.
  2. A wide range of tools for monetization. Including Moneylink – automatic conversion of regular links to affiliate links.
  3. Detailed statistics.
  4. Personal manager.
  5. Express payments upon application without commission.

Best change

Bestchange is a service that collects reliable exchangers with the best exchange rates. On this site, currencies are exchanged, from electronic wallets or crypto wallets to bank cards.

You must place a link to this service in any way convenient for you. A reward is calculated for each successful exchange.

Payment is made according to the CPS model, that is, according to the number of exchanges made. Earned money can be withdrawn as soon as you earn $1. Withdrawal methods: electronic wallets Payeer, AdvCash, Perfect Money. From which money can be transferred to any bank card.

Travelpayouts – specializes in tourist traffic, earnings from ticket sales, hotel reservations, and orders through popular aggregators: Booking, Aviasales, etc.


  • A good way to monetize the travel niche;
  • Availability of exclusive offers for Ukraine;
  • API access;
  • Availability of a plugin for WordPress;
  • Widgets are available for various offers;
  • A wide selection of ways to withdraw money. is a dropshipping product promotion program that has been on the market since 2018. There are good product offers in Ukraine with a high margin.


  • About 500 popular products for resale;
  • Upsale made by the call center operator, also credited to the webmaster;
  • Payments within 24 hours;
  • Extensive analytical capabilities;
  • Contests among webmasters.


ActionPay Ukraine is a partner network that entered the Ukrainian market a long time ago. It has a large selection of programs interesting for Ukrainian webmasters, including exclusive offers.


  • High-quality technical implementation and analytics system;
  • Availability of motivation systems for webmasters;
  • Availability of promotional codes for promotion of offers;
  • There is a representative office in Ukraine. is a niche affiliate network specializing in educational traffic monetization.


  • 25% payment for the first order, 15% for subsequent orders;
  • A large selection of works;
  • Payments from UAH 150. Withdrawal within 2 days;
  • Volume bonuses.

Rosetta is the largest online store in Ukraine that sells electronics and household appliances. Rozetka has its affiliate program.


  • 1.2 million products of various categories – from appliances and food to tickets and jewelry. Hundreds of promotions every day.
  • 81% of customers return to the store for repeat purchases.
  • Representative offices in all regions of Ukraine.
  • You can use ready-made company videos on your YouTube channels.

New Trend

Newtrend. The team is another commodity affiliate program specializing in drop shipping. The size of the commission depends on the offer – on average up to several hundred hryvnias.

A good solution for arbitrageurs during the sale of seasonal or hype products is possible. The main declared advantage is a 5% payment for the sale of goods and a 50% payment for the sale of paid packages in the system. Plus the presence of own landing pages for products.


So, today you learned how to earn from affiliate programs from scratch, what are the pros and cons of this type of earning, and also got to know the best affiliates.

Affiliate programs are one of the easiest ways to earn passive income. You just need to find a company with optimal conditions for you and join it!

If you know more about Ukrainian affiliate programs or want to share your experience of working in the ones I described, leave comments.

That’s all I have. Before meeting!


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