Top 5 Platforms for Paid Surveys: Where to Earn Money Online

By admin Apr15,2024
Top 5 Platforms for Paid SurveysTop 5 Platforms for Paid Surveys

I will talk about such a way of Top 5 Platforms for Paid Surveys on the Internet without investments, such as earning from surveys.

This method is not very promising in terms of making money, but such surveys are often sent, which are quite interesting to complete in your free time, and the reward is a very pleasant additional income.

Personally, I like to go through them, so I want to tell you about survey sites that really pay well and give advice on filling out questionnaires.


How to make money from surveys

To begin with, you need to register on a site that conducts marketing research, then fill out your profile and participant questionnaire with real data. After filling in personal data, an invitation to take a survey on the Internet for money will be sent to the e-mail box.

First, you will be asked to complete a short survey to indicate your place of residence, age, gender, and other information. This is done to find out if you are part of their desired target audience. If everything is fine, go to the main part of the paid survey.

If for some reason you did not come, you will be interested in paying a small amount (up to 10 hryvnias). The size of the amount is written in the e-mail – invitation, as a rule, they write how long it will take to complete the survey. If the topic is not interesting to you or the amount of the reward for the survey does not suit you, then you can wait for another.

Sociological surveys come on various topics: for example, choosing food products, and buying a car. After completing the survey, a reward is calculated in your own office. It often ranges from UAH 10 to UAH 60. Sometimes there are more expensive ones, but this is very rare, I received surveys for 200 and 570 UAH.

Now let’s move on to sites where you can take surveys for money, they are really worth our attention.

Top 5 Paid Survey Sites 19
Top 5 Paid Survey Sites

Here I have collected really good surveys that pay.

TNS Survey

TNS Opros is a great survey site for residents of Ukraine. Registration on the site is quite simple, you will definitely understand. Next, your task is to answer questions and get paid for it. Earned money can be withdrawn to a bank card of any Ukrainian bank.

The questionnaires themselves will appear in the Current Research section. This site pays in points. 1,000 points are UAH 10. As a rule, you can earn 40 hryvnias for 1 questionnaire.

Earned money is transferred to the mobile phone account. The minimum is 100 hryvnias.


Opinion ( is one of the best sites in its niche. Surveys ask to share the experience of using some products. Interestingly, the services of the platform are used by such well-known companies as “Borjomi”, “Danone”, “Kitekat” and others.

First, you need to register on the website. Then you will be offered to fill out the questionnaire with your data.

10-100 hryvnias are paid for passing one survey. Which is pretty good.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 50 hryvnias. Money is withdrawn to a mobile account or to a Global money wallet. Each payment must be confirmed via email.


Mobrog is an interesting project that conducts research on many countries of the world through a mobile application. Therefore, you will need to install the application, express your thoughts, and get paid for it.

All invitations are sent by e-mail. The invitation will indicate how long it will take to complete the survey and the amount of payment.

The surveys themselves are small. For filling out one questionnaire, they pay 5-30 UAH, and the minimum is 5$. Money can be withdrawn to a PayPal wallet, and from it to a bank card.

TGM Panel

TGM Panel is a cool project that surveys consumers of major brands. After registration, you will need to fill in your personal data.

In the questionnaires of the questionnaire, there are most often questions about the attitude to a healthy lifestyle, spending free time, about diseases, work, etc.

TGM Panel has its affiliate program and therefore you can take your referral unique link to invite friends and earn a percentage of their income in the system.

Payment is made in euros. About 42 hryvnias are paid for one survey.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 325 hryvnias. Money is withdrawn through PayPal, and from this wallet to a bank card.

myiyo is generally a good survey site for money, but I haven’t made enough money to cash out yet. It is not often that new polls appear.

Other questionnaires

Many more sites pay money to take surveys, but for some reason, they did not make it into my top ranking. You can try to earn on them and leave feedback in the comments.

The Panel Station – take part in surveys, which come in huge numbers, once you accumulate 3,000 points, you can exchange them for vouchers from various online stores.

Survey Harbor – take surveys – earn Points. 100 Points = 97 hryvnias. Withdrawal of money is possible to WebMoney and to the balance of the phone.

Professional Online Research – Withdrawal from UAH 260. to WebMoney or phone balance.

The list of sites will be updated. And you, dear readers, I will ask you to help me, if you know reliable survey sites, please write about them in the comments.

Next, I will give you some recommendations so that your earnings are greater and you are not excluded from the respondents.


 We register in as many questionnaires as possible, so that more questionnaires come in, and, accordingly, the earnings are also higher.

 Do not forget to check the invitation by e-mail.

 Use synchronization so you don’t have to remember a bunch of passwords from all the sites.

Complete the participant’s application form and details for transferring the reward, and keep track of their relevance.

 You can cheat by stating that you speak several languages ​​and pass the questionnaires using an online translator, foreign companies pay more for research.

 Do not postpone the survey invitation for a long time, when the required number of participants is reached, the survey is closed.

 When taking a paid survey, do not contradict the data specified in the participant’s questionnaire.

Deny that you or your relatives are involved in marketing, advertising, and journalism. To the question “Do you or any member of your family work in the following industries?” answer “None of the above”.

 Deny that you have already answered the given topic in another survey.

 You should not start taking the survey and then go about your business, if you take too long, you may be disconnected from it and not paid. But don’t be in a hurry, if the invitation indicates the approximate time of passing, for example, 15 minutes, and you finish the interview in 3, then nothing good will happen either – the filling will be considered low-quality.

 Answer the questions carefully, not randomly. Companies monitor the logic of answers, in which case you will be punished (they will stop sending questionnaires).

Black list of questionnaires

Here I will publish companies that do not pay out earned funds.

• AskGfK – the project was closed in August 2020, only 90 hryvnias were withdrawn.

If you have encountered fraud in this area, then send links to sites that do not fulfill their obligations, and I will add them to the list.


In fact, it is quite interesting to take paid surveys, but the downside is that it is almost impossible to earn normal money in this way.

Earnings are low, so you can take surveys in your free time for fun. I think that the monthly income is enough to pay for Internet and mobile communication. Therefore, this activity cannot be called a full-time job.

I remind you that I will be grateful if you tell me about your experience with questionnaires in the comments, especially with those that are not in this article, I will add them.

I hope now you have figured out how to make money from surveys on the Internet.

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