Pocket Money Power 20 Current Part-Time Jobs for Schoolboys

By admin Apr15,2024
Money Power 20 Current Part-Time JobsMoney Power 20 Current Part-Time Jobs

Money Power 20 Current Part-Time Jobs Congratulations to young businessmen and people who strive for success! After all, it is precisely these categories that have been worried about how to start earning since school years. Nothing compares to the feeling of self-earned money. This is pride, and confidence in one’s abilities and tomorrow. And perhaps the foundation of a future career or a successful business. So, how to earn money as a student?

First of all, it is absolutely possible to find a part-time job from the age of 10 to 14, studying in the 5th to 11th grades. At the same time, finding it on the Internet is no less real than offline. Secondly, this does not require any special experience, only diligence, a desire to learn something new, and a smart head on your shoulders.

Let’s begin the review of options and ways of earning.


  • Online or offline?
  • Earnings online
    • How to avoid contact with fraudsters?
    • Writing texts
    • Administration of social networks and blogs
    • Running your own blog
    • Design
    • Freelance
      • Sites for freelancing
    • Elementary earnings
    • Montage of videos
    • Sale of photos
    • Curation
    • Sales
    • Pumping game accounts
  • Earnings are offline
    • Promoter
    • animator
    • Work in delivery
    • Delivery of mail and newspapers
    • Completing tasks for classmates
    • Work at a car wash
    • Cleaning the premises
    • Dog Walking
    • Gardener
  • Conclusion

Online or offline?

Today there is an available part-time job without any investments both in the Internet space and in real life. Choose based on your capabilities and feelings.

For example, in the middle of the school year, it doesn’t make sense to look for a job for more than a couple of hours after school or 2-3 full evenings a week. Do not forget that the main priority is education, which should not be followed by the desire to buy a cool smartphone or a ticket to a concert with your own money.

If a teenager aged 10-15 plans to work during the summer holidays, he has much more time. In the hot season, there is always work for schoolchildren, they are gladly taken as counselors at school for extended hours or in summer camps; small firms save on permanent staff, for which various small jobs can be performed; large companies, which are also more profitable to hire a teenager.

Earnings online

www.mybloggerincome.com 6

It is easiest to combine studies with a simple part-time job on the Internet. In this way, travel time is not wasted and the child is not bound by geographical possibilities. After all, the chances of finding something in your city for residents of, say, Lviv and Krasnograd, frankly, are not equal.

What will be needed? A laptop or computer with access to the Internet, at least, is a gadget that will download modern programs. Keep in mind that a PC has many more options, but if the child’s goal is to buy such a serious piece of equipment with his first money, then you can start with a gadget.

There are risks here – there will be no official employment and a high chance of being deceived by a dishonest customer. Therefore, we will consider the most stable options from well-proven platforms and services.

How to avoid contact with fraudsters?

It is worth knowing and understanding the basic safety rules if you choose to work online. All contact and interaction with employers is better carried out through special platforms for this – exchanges that regulate the relationship between customers and performers.


  • Do not negotiate directly with the customer, bypassing exchanges or agencies.
  • If you knowingly violate the first paragraph, everything that happens will be at your own risk. In no case do not present the results of your work without advance.
  • Beware of “easy money” when big money is promised for minimal effort.
  • Do not consider “passive income” as an opportunity. Investments will be required from you, which in 90% of cases will go into the pockets of dishonest people. Remember – the employer pays you, not the other way around.
  • Check. If an employer, potential job, or company seems suspicious in any way, read reviews about them on Google. Not all reviews can be trusted, but if the case is really dirty, you will understand it.
  • Pyramids, miraculous “secret” ways of success, and promises of instant cosmic results – a common divorce, it is better to immediately put a note in your head, do not waste your time on it.
  • An important point – to receive money, you will need a bank card or an electronic wallet. And if it is impossible to get your own bank card before the age of 14 due to the lack of a passport, then an electronic account can be opened earlier.

You can ask your parents to get you a Visa or MasterCard – depending on the bank where your family is served, their accounts can be issued with associated child cards. This function is available for plastic design for children aged 10 and over.

Writing texts

From the point of view of self-development – one of the best options with prospects. Writing articles increases erudition, as you will have to delve into various topics at a minimum level of knowledge.

In addition, the ability to concentrate, to finish what has been started, and to think creatively is formed. Suitable for those who like to read and write works.

Literacy, patience, perseverance, and the ability to express one’s thoughts in text format are required. Several directions related to such part-time work can be identified:

  1. Copywriting – writing completely new, original, unique articles. It is paid approximately 25-35 hryvnias for 1,000 signs if there is no experience. More skills – more earnings.
  2. Rewriting – writing an article based on an existing one provided by the employer. The main principle is to preserve the essence by changing the external form. Such work is estimated to be cheaper, about 2 times lower – about 18 hryvnias for 1,000 signs.
  3. Sales texts are the most profitable type of text that is needed everywhere. And the price for them depends directly on the quality. If you have a talent for sales, you will quickly learn to write articles like this.

Administration of social networks and blogs

The place where every teenager feels like a fish in the water is social networks. You can get a job as an administrator or moderator of a public, blog or site, and manage an account on Instagram, Telegram, or Facebook.

Feel free to offer your services directly if this feature is available. If there is no direct communication – to other contacts, for example, mail.

For your candidacy to be considered, immediately write how you see the development of the group or site, and how it will be useful and profitable for them to hire you. The main thing here is to try.

It may turn out that they do not need administrators, but to issue product cards or write descriptions for them is just what is needed. That is why it is important to immediately write what you already know and show that you are ready to learn.

Running your own blog

Do you have something to share? Does every day bring a lot of impressions? Talentedly shoot or talk about something? Or maybe you know how to do something that fascinates others? Create a YouTube channel and share it with the world.

Thousands and hundreds of thousands of people around the world are ready to watch interesting content. The video platform pays per thousand views by inserting ads into your videos.

The most relevant topics for boys are sports and video games, let’s play. For girls – tutorials on make-up, cosmetics, and beauty, as well as handmade.

Everyone is interested in how much the most popular bloggers earn. Remember that blogging is a long-term activity. Do not wait for quick results. It takes time to grow and monetize your blog, so you have to really enjoy doing it.

You can get into the top ten and make a viral video that will conquer the whole world in a couple of days and bring a good income. This happens all the time. But it is worth understanding that this is a “shot in the air” for luck.


Do you like drawing in Photoshop or Illustrator? Don’t do it for free. It is much more interesting to earn from your creativity. Also, you learn much faster when you draw for someone.

Many companies need a skillful and inexpensive artist who can draw simple icons, simple banners, and graphic design for “you”, for which it is expensive to keep a designer on their staff. After all, the work can be urgent and voluminous, but solitary, and therefore it is easier and more profitable to hire a freelancer for one or two projects.

You can find customers both on specialized exchanges and offer your services to any groups on Facebook, bloggers on YouTube and Instagram. For example, you watch videos on your favorite channel and notice that the design is lame and you would definitely do something better. Write to him with an inexpensive offer.

By engaging in such work, you can soon become a real narrow-profile specialist, for example, in web design, which at a young age will be a real help for success in the future.


The work of a freelancer is called free swimming. After all, he is his own boss in terms of the volume of orders and agreements. This is a very convenient format for cheating – on a one-time basis, in the evenings, or for a month. The choice depends only on you, and the order is always available.

There are specialized sites for freelancers of a certain focus, for example, designers or copywriters. But there are also universal exchanges where you can take simple tasks and not worry about lack of experience.


Examples of common tasks:

  • Transcription – this cumbersome term means only the translation of audio into text. That is, they send you a sound file, for example, an interview or a conference, and you need to listen to it and translate it into text format.
  • Create a landing page is another new term for people new to freelancing. Landing is a one-page site that can be created on special design platforms. It seems difficult, but the main thing is to start and you will understand that it is quite simple and well-paid work.
  • Find information and present it beautifully in a report. Anything can be needed – a selection of prices for 2 x 2-meter tents, the TOP-100 cheapest hotels in the world, or common cat breeds.
  • Call the client base according to certain parameters – a headset will be needed to perform such a task.
  • Designing presentations – this is usually done in good old PowerPoint.

You can earn from 60 to 600 hryvnias per day for the work of this plan, and according to your rating and experience, you can choose more expensive tasks. It is quite possible to earn your first 6,000 hryvnias per month here.

Sites for freelancing

Proven platforms are suitable for beginners with basic skills and sites “for growth”.

  1. Work-zilla.  com is a popular exchange with easy registration (you need to complete a test task) and a minimal subscription fee. Yes, it’s not free – you have to deposit a small amount to access the tasks. For such sites, this is absolutely normal, as they ensure the protection of your rights and provide a bank of orders.
  2. Freelancehunt.com is a more advanced resource with more complex tasks for which the payment is higher. This is the next level of perfection if you have mastered simple exchanges.
  3. Kwork– registration is free, and you set the price for the task yourself. Look at how much others are betting and assign adequate numbers to build experience and rank. Great for beginners.
  4. Freelancer.com is a large exchange where tasks are found in English, so it can also be left as a reserve. There is always a task here.

Elementary earnings

This category includes very simple actions that do not require any effort at all, only the presence of accounts in the necessary social networks or the completion of simple registration.

Let’s consider part-time work in social networks, on surveys and comments, decrypting captchas.

  • Social networks

How else can you earn while sitting on Instagram or Facebook? On likes, subscriptions, and reposts. People are willing to pay for such actions from live people, not screwed-up bots.

  • Taking surveys

Another easy opportunity to earn. Take surveys and get rewarded for doing so. You shouldn’t count on much, but if you periodically take surveys between jobs, you can earn a little money. And for a schoolboy, this is a very good bonus.


  • Captcha decryption

Earning from captchas also requires no experience or special conditions. There is no trickery if you cooperate with verified sites. Just register and start working on one of the platforms.

  • Earnings on comments

You can write comments on the forums. No artistic content or special design is required, as is the case with articles. Share your opinion and earn easy money, what could be easier?

Montage of videos

The work of this plan is also well paid and not too difficult. Of the necessary skills: cutting, processing, and accompaniment with soundtracks, it is possible to design a screen saver and make simple collages.

You can find video editing tasks on sites for freelancers.

Sale of photos

Interesting visual content is always in demand, and nowadays digital images can be bought and sold in photo banks. Take photos by learning popular themes, draw vector illustrations, and get paid for your photos.


You can often find vacancies for curators of already developed online courses on stock exchanges. Training is required as you must know how to check student assignments and have a good command of information.

This is a direction for high school students who are not afraid to try themselves as a coordinator.


The easiest thing to do on the Internet is selling. On sites with ads, you can freely sell personal unnecessary things, as well as resell purchased ones. Of course, this will require initial costs, so it will not work without investments.

Both a plus and a minus are that you control the process yourself, and therefore only you will have to choose the goods, place them on the platforms, make arrangements, negotiate, sell, and ship the goods to buyers. You can take a friend as a partner, but then you will have to share the proceeds.

Selling iPhones and making capital on them, of course, is not worth it at this stage. But ordering gadget covers on AliExpress for pennies and offering them to a couple or three friends at school is an idea that can be easily implemented.

Pumping game accounts

You can earn while sitting at home with absolute pleasure by pumping accounts in popular games, for example, World of Tanks. If you are good at navigating games in general, help others take levels and go through difficult moments – eSports holds its positions tightly.

Earnings are offline

Modern technologies have the opposite side of influence – sitting on four walls may not appeal to everyone, especially in the summer. Active and athletic teenagers may find work as a delivery courier, outdoor promoter, or newspaper delivery person.

With a sedentary lifestyle, the option of working with physical relief is a reason to stretch, take a walk, and explore the city at the same time, as well as earn extra money.


One of the most common and profitable options is pasting or handing out ads. There may also be an option to hold tastings in stores or other short promotions inside the premises. If you are ready to spend several hours on your feet, you can earn from 60 to 180 hryvnias per hour.


Artistic and sociable teenagers will always find a job as an animator in children’s areas of shopping centers or on holidays. Payment can be one-time or hourly.

Work in delivery

This is where you can relax, take a walk around the city, and forever remember the location of the main streets. And, of course, earn. Couriers and “fast feet” are needed wherever there is a delivery function, so do not hesitate to call the company and find out about the possibility of a part-time job.

Delivery of mail and newspapers

Post offices almost always need assistants to deliver heavy correspondence and letters. Schoolchildren are accepted willingly if they know their way around the city well.

Completing tasks for classmates

Everyone has a subject in which they are strong, sometimes even several. Solve tests, do for a small fee essays or tasks that are difficult for classmates or younger children.

Especially advanced ones can try to train others in the role of a light version of the tutor. Remember this trick – the better you are at a certain skill, the easier it is to convert knowledge into money.


Work at a car wash

Part-time work for tall guys – the easier it is to reach the top of the car, the higher the probability of getting a job. And, of course, age matters – older guys are more likely to be hired. A few hours a day at a car wash can bring up to 600 hryvnias and even more in your pocket.

Cleaning the premises

Small companies will be happy to hire a school student for part-time work, who does not need to apply for official employment. Come several times a week in the evenings to clean a couple of offices – and at the end of the month, you can buy a long-awaited gadget.

Dog Walking

People value their time the most and when someone frees them from routine boring activities. Are there acquaintances with dogs? Offer to walk them for a small reward. This work is easy to combine with something else, for example, listening to music or audiobooks while walking, or communicating on social networks.


Another opportunity for those who have already received a passport. Botanical gardens in any city need landscapers. The payment is hourly, but it is quite energy-consuming – you may need to do weeding and haul bags of soil or earth.


There are so many options for earning money for a student now that it is almost impossible to cover everyone. Therefore, the most important advice is to choose taking into account the perspective and development of strengths.

Ideally, if you already understand what you like to do and gain experience in it, success in the future is guaranteed. There is no point in wasting time, say, on clicking, which does not require any mental costs and viewing ads for a penny salary, if you can develop the ability to write interesting texts or try your hand at programming.

For the modern generation of young people, there are a lot of prospects regardless of where they live – a luxury that the older generation does not have. Having learned them, it remains only to try, try, and try again, because the result comes from persistence and bravery.

Now you know exactly how to earn money as a student.


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