TOP 5 ways to make money in 2024

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Hello everybody! If you are already an adult, you are over 18 years old, and you still do not earn at least 10,000 hryvnias per month, then you need to change something in your life.

That’s why I tried and wrote this article, so read it to the end. In this article, I will talk about the TOP 5 ways to make money in 2024.

I decided to study this issue in detail, read dozens of articles on the Internet, watched a bunch of videos on YouTube, and asked the opinion of some people who earn quite large sums.

So, let’s not delay and immediately move on to the ways of earning, with the help of which you will earn a lot of money.


1st way of earning

TikTok coins, which is about $1,000. $1,000 in 1 day!
TikTok coins, which is about $1,000. $1,000 in 1 day!

The first way to earn money is Telegram. For example, the well-known RDeni (real name Rostislav Denys) has a Telegram channel with 103,780 subscribers and one advertisement on this channel costs around $3,000. This is more than 100,000 hryvnias.


So how do you start earning on Telegram? Let’s start with the fact that you need to choose a topic. Of course, the topic of cryptocurrency, IT, and money, in general, is the most expensive, there is the most expensive advertising. But in other topics, where advertising is cheaper, such as news, memes, etc., it can be sold at least 3 per day.

Let me give you another example, I have an acquaintance, Bohdan, who has many telegram channels, and he has one of the largest networks in Ukraine. He shared with us how much 1 Telegram channel brings in a month. To be honest, I was blown away by the number!

Here are his words: “If we talk about the millionaire channel, it is a channel that earns tens of thousands of dollars a month. There are channels that earn even 100,000 or more, but it’s all individual.”

Indeed, advertising in Telegram channels is not sold every day, because it is much more difficult to sell such expensive advertising (for example, the Telegram channel RDeni), but even 2 ads a month is already 200,000 UAH, which is not bad, let’s face it.

That is, you can earn such sums from only one Telegram channel.

So how do you start running your Telegram channel? To begin with, you need to choose the topic of the channel (for example cryptocurrency, humor, finance, news, etc.), ideally what you are interested in and what you understand, although this is not necessary.

For example, the same RDeni chose the topic of money and cryptocurrency. Therefore, he has telegram channels about it.

If, for example, you have started learning programming or are already an experienced programmer and know more than HTML and you are really interested in this topic, why not start your Telegram channel on this topic?

If you sit on Autoria every night before going to bed and look at expensive cars, then why not start a channel about it.

In fact, Telegram is a business, and here it is not necessary to be interested in the topic on which you run the channel. But in my personal opinion, if you are really interested in this topic, then firstly, you will not burn out quickly at work; secondly, it will be much more pleasant to work and thirdly, subscribers, when they read your channel, will understand that it is written by a specialist.

And now the most important question: where to get subscribers? It is best to take them from YouTube and TikTok.

If you take YouTube, then I will simply tell you that from one video of the RDeni YouTube channel on the topic of cryptocurrency, about 30,000 people subscribed to the Telegram channel Crypto Bulka.

The only thing I can add is that it is not that difficult on YouTube to make quality videos on topics that people are interested in. Therefore, create a YouTube channel for yourself and leave a link to your Telegram channel under each video.

As for TikTok, it’s even easier. You just take some funny or motivational videos, you can even steal them, it’s TikTok, upload them from several accounts, and leave a link to your Telegram channel in the account description. Under each video, write a link to the channel in the profile header or something similar. And that’s all. If you do it correctly and efficiently, you will have constant traffic to your Telegram channel. And if you shoot a video with your face, then traffic will be many times stronger due to your personal brand!

For example, in the cryptocurrency topic in Telegram, even with only 1,000 active subscribers, you can already sell advertising for several thousand hryvnias.

2nd way of earning

 2 day!
2 day!

And from this, the second way of making money immediately follows us – this is traffic arbitrage. Here we have two ways: one is easier, for those who are a little lazy – arbitration of followers from TikTok. The second path, which is more difficult and thorny, but a millionaire path, is gambling arbitration.

Let’s start with a simpler and immediate example. I apologize for such an example, but there is no other. There is a blogger called Mellstroy, he ran a stream casino and he said he would pay $200 to anyone who gets 1,000,000 views on TikTok with his face. People uploaded videos and took $200, $400, and some even $1,000.

But now it is not very relevant, because there is a lot of competition.

So what is the point of earning? For example, there is a Telegram channel about the crypt. You write to the owner that I can get you followers from TikTok, for 1 follower you will pay me $0.30. Then you go to make some Kryptonian posts on TikTok and put a link to his channel in the description. And if your video takes off and the channel is subscribed to, for example, 1000 people – you earn 300 dollars!

But there is a lot of competition in this business, so you constantly have to be better than others, constantly come up with new schemes, and so on.

I told you in general. I will not tell you something unique, because everyone will know it and it will cease to be unique. Is it logical?

The second way, which we can follow, is more serious for serious users – arbitrage of casino traffic.

So, you go to your favorite site and flip through the pages in search of the same video, and it’s not easy. Finally, you find it, click on it and an ad opens. Casino advertising is arbitration advertising.

Or you sit on Facebook, scroll through the feed, like photos, argue with people in the comments about politics, laugh at very funny memes, and then the same advertisement appears. These are again arbitration announcements.


And when your inner Ludoman turns on, you are so strong that you are ready to exchange your favorite videos and dialogues with dragonflies for slots, then you will follow the link, make a deposit in this casino and the person who made this announcement will receive 100 euros. 4 such registrations and this is the average salary in Ukraine. And these are not imaginary numbers. All affiliates pay differently, somewhere $30, somewhere $150, but the costs will also be different everywhere.

3rd way of earning

3rd way of earning
3rd way of earning

So we went further. Well, of course, how can we do without cryptocurrency? I can’t help but tell you about this way of making money. To motivate you right away, let’s go with the trump cards right away.

The last case that was in the crypt is a drop from Jupiter and it is not about the largest planet in the solar system, but about a crypto project. If you exchanged cryptocurrency on their site several times, you would receive a drop of their tokens.

How much would you get, you ask? It already depended on how many transactions you made and on what volume. But on average, my friends attracted from 1,000 to 3,000 coins and they could be sold for almost a dollar, which is 800 – 2,300 dollars from one account.

And there are dozens of such drops. People earn thousands and some hundreds of thousands of dollars on this.

One of these drops is currently being distributed by the Ready to Fight project. This is the first application that combines boxing and crypt. And do you know whose project it is? This is Usyk’s project, guess what. Today I handed out a drop in the crypt, and tomorrow I stuffed Tyson Fury’s face.


And now they’re giving away $200,000 to early adopters. To take part in the giveaway, you just need to fulfill some conditions.

To get started, download their app, register, and fill out a profile. Then go to the RTF Hub section of their app, create a wallet, and start completing tasks. Next, just invite people with a referral link to get more tokens.

Stage 2 is a draw in Zealy. Everything is simple and clear there. You subscribe to social networks, show activity, invite friends, and take a top position in the leaderboard.

The same with the bot in Telegram. You just need to sign up – and you take part in the drawing of $5,000.


Also, the top 5,000 members of the leaderboard receive awards from $10 to $5,000. And in Zealy, the top 1,000 members will receive from $25 to $1,000.

So don’t miss this freebie.

• Here’s a link to Ready to Fight. If desired, indicate my ref. registration code: TsBPrmTyw4.

• Zealy page with tasks;

• Telegram bot with a $5,000 contest.

But not just drops. There are still many different ones, as tyemshchis say – tyemok.

In crypto, you can focus on, for example, NFTs, or you can become a trader. True, this is a separate topic.

You can choose your direction. In general, the crypt is a whole world. There are dozens of different topics here every day. And of course you won’t have time for everything, but crypto is a full-time job and I have many acquaintances who really earn a living only with crypto. Not only for life, but for a good life.

You can subscribe to my Telegram channel, where I try to post relevant information and materials for beginners.

4th way of earning

4th way of earning
4th way of earning

Another interesting way of making money is broadcasting on TikTok. You know the girl on TikTok – fire-fire, hot-hot. Jokes with jokes, and she already earned a living just by shaking her breasts at the camera.

And to make money from it, of course, it is not necessary to sit in front of the camera and show something and beg for money like a beggar. There is an option to find a girl or several beautiful girls, explain everything to them, and put them on the air. Girls earn many times more gifts than boys, and this is logical.

As an example, on AleAndry’s TikTok channel, two girls are just saying some bullshit to the camera. And on the last day, they earned 200,000 TikTok coins, which is about $1,000. $1,000 in 1 day!


But this is not the only option. You can do much smarter. As an example, these are broadcasts from Minecraft, where a guy is sitting and trying to fill a cube in Minecraft with blocks live. But it doesn’t work for him, because people constantly throw gifts and these gifts spawn tnt and dynamite, which undermines everything and prevents it from being finished. And the guy on the camera is supposedly very disappointed and this makes people throw these gifts even more.

I am sure that in this way it is possible to earn normal such amounts per day, especially since you can create many such accounts because it is all automated.

And here you can also put some schoolchildren who like Minecraft and pay them a fixed amount per day.

I think that if you properly promote the account so that several hundred people are sitting on the broadcasts, you can earn 100 dollars a day or more from one account.

Ethers from Minecraft are not the only option, this is just one of the ideas. In TikTok, you can come up with a lot of things to make people fight and throw gifts.

5th way of earning

5 way of earning
5 way of earning

The fifth way of earning money is editing and copywriting. Let me immediately explain to you why I put these two methods in the article at all.

I have an acquaintance Mykola – he is an editor, one of the best in Ukraine. And he recently bragged to me that in 3.5 hours of work, he earned 250 dollars, that is, almost 10,000 hryvnias. Not bad, right?

This is more than the minimum wage in Ukraine for a month, but here it is only for 3 hours. And he had many such cases. He also says that he made a video for only half an hour and earned $50.

But of course, such money is not earned immediately on installation. For this, he worked for a long time, made a price for himself, and now he can afford to set prices above the market.

I can say with confidence that there are very few good installers in Ukraine and there is simply no competition. Therefore, it is probably not too late to learn how to mount.

Next, we have copywriting. And here I will also give a very simple example, you need to write posts on any Telegram channel. On some Telegram channels, posts are written by the authors themselves, but often they are looking for a copywriter who could write and post on the channel instead of them.

For one post on the RDeni Telegram channel (Rostik’s Channel), the author pays his copywriter $10. That is, he earns approximately 300-400 dollars per month. But this copywriter writes posts not only for RDeni but also for other Telegram channels. And in general, he manages to earn about 3,000 dollars a month, which is a lot for such a job!

So all you have to do is choose one of these directions, study it, and just start figuring.

Today you learned how to make money in 5 ways in 2024.

And Valery Lytvynenko, the author of this blog, was with you. Before meeting!

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