25 Easy Gigs: How to Make Money on Fiverr Without Skills in 2024

By admin Feb 7, 2024

On Fiverr, there is a fantastic opportunity for all people interested in freelancing to make money. You can reach your objectives of making extra money or turning your house into a full-time remote workplace by working on Fiverr.

Presently, vendors on Fiverr are able to provide services in more than 300 areas.

While many of the categories don’t require any specific talents, there are some that are extremely specialized and call for prior expertise.

While talents are necessary for many categories, acquiring them is not hard. Offering services that you can perform today without any abilities but that could make you more money is frequently less profitable than spending some time learning a new ability that could earn you more money.

This post will teach you about Fiverr services that you can offer with a little learning as well as gigs that you can build and start offering right now without any prior experience.

I’ve worked on Fiverr before, so I know that anyone can be successful.
I started providing WordPress services when I first joined Fiverr. I was eager to learn even though I didn’t have any prior experience. I was making $1,000 in just a single month. A few months later, $2,000, and gradually rising to $5,000 in a year.

Online, it’s frequently mentioned that while Fiverr presented a fantastic opportunity in the past, the current landscape is deemed too competitive. Fiverr, established in 2010, initially had significantly fewer sellers compared to the present, owing to its remarkable growth.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that, even with increased competition, Fiverr remains a viable avenue for profitability in 2024. The platform witnessed substantial growth, boasting over 4 million active buyers in 2022—twice the count in 2018. The continuous upward trajectory suggests that this trend is not showing any signs of deceleration.

An increasing number of people search for independent contractors to hire for their tasks every year.

It’s true that an increasing number of sellers are signing up for Fiverr, but the most of these sellers have very little experience with the platform, and their gigs don’t rank well. Not to mention that a lot of sellers have appalling customer satisfaction rates and provide extremely subpar services.

If you can learn how to optimize your gigs to rank well and provide high-quality services, you will eventually outperform the majority of your competition.

Thus, instead of listening to those who advise against working on Fiverr in 2024, begin your freelance career this year.

I just developed a Fiverr Master Course, which you can check out if you’re looking for a comprehensive guide on how to succeed there.

Contents Table of

  1. Company Names and Taglines

  2. Research on Domain Names 3. Transcription

  3. Composition, Translation, and Transcription

  4. Life Guidance

  5. Examining beta versions

  6. Videos of Spokespeople

  7. Translation;

  8. Language Instruction;

  9. Editing;

  10. 10. Converting Documents

  11. Examining Users

  12. Data Entry 13. Background Erasure 14. Travel Schedules

  13. Online Helper

  14. Design of a resume;

  15. Subtitles on YouTube

  16. Designing Presentations; 24. Modeling Products; 25. Publicizing & Shoutouts

  17. Online Tutoring

  18. SEO Audit Report

  19. WordPress

  20. Fitness & Nutrition

  21. Creativity

  22. Design of a book;

  23. Design of a t-shirt;

  24.  Social content; 20.

Company Names and Taglines


Generating original brand names, memorable slogans, or product names is one of the services you may offer on Fiverr without prior experience.

As all you need to perform this service is creativity, it’s an ideal Fiverr gig for inexperienced workers.2. Domain Name Research



For your client, you would compile a list of available domains.

After receiving some basic business information from a buyer, you generate a list of professional domains that are memorable.

Since a brand name and a domain should match, many sellers combine this service with a gig for a business name.

But I suggest making a different gig for each.

  1. Composition, Translation, and Transcription

Another simple service you may provide on Fiverr without any experience is transcription.

For speeches, meetings, web material, and other purposes, you can provide audio or video transcription services.

Your linguistic proficiency is the only prerequisite. Buyers won’t trust you with their messages’ English transcriptions if you don’t speak the language.

You can, however, provide transcribing services in your mother tongue.

Successful transcribing jobs for a variety of languages, including French, German, Japanese, Thai, Arabic, and more, have been observed by me.

Additionally, you can provide document transcription services. You can retype scanned documents into Word, for instance.

For the purpose of transcribing written texts, proficiency in a specific language is not always required.

  1. Life Guidance


individuals frequently associate coaching with careers and business in general when they hear the word, however you may train individuals on a variety of topics without any professional expertise.

Simply consider the issues that many people face and extend your assistance. It may be anything at all.

For instance, a few female Fiverr merchants provide Tinder-related instruction. They assist customers in creating a bio and choosing the best photos for their accounts, increasing girls’ attraction to them.These sellers provide assistance for a common issue that many guys encounter: not scheduling any Tinder dates.

  1. Examining beta versions


Sellers in this section offer to read books, short tales, and other works aloud and offer criticism.

Some writers wait to publish until they have received criticism so they can make final edits before releasing the work.

Generally, they want input regarding the flow of their writing, if non-fiction books have explanations that are understandable and not confusing, or thoughts on the characters in fiction works.

All you have to do is review their work and answer any questions they may have.

Sometimes they just want to hear general impressions and don’t have any questions.

even if anyone can provide services for beta reading. I only advise native English speakers to use this service.

As at the time this article was written, English and Americans dominated this particular subgroup. This is not shocking because it makes sense that customers would choose a beta reader who speaks English fluently.

Some retailers provide beta reading in languages such as Arabic, German, or French, however it appears that there is relatively little demand based on the quantity of orders waiting to be filled and the number of reviews.

  1.  Videos of Spokes people

Making spokesperson videos doesn’t require expensive equipment or the status of a professional actor.

A lot of consumers are searching for phone-shot, candid selfie-style videos.

Videos in both Spanish and English are most in demand.

  1. Writing Translations and Translations / Translation

A translation gig is another simple Fiverr gig you can do without prior experience.

You need to be fluent in English because most translations are done from or into the language.

However, you can offer translation services on Fiverr without having to be a bilingual or native English speaker.

  1. Tutoring in Languages


To teach on Fiverr, you don’t need to be a teacher.

A lot of people are searching for conversational classes; all they require from you is for you to speak with them in your mother tongue while correcting their errors.

If you speak a language other than English as your native tongue, tutoring is less difficult without any specialization.

As the English tuition market becomes more competitive, consumers are becoming more selective.

  1. Editing

For newcomers on Fiverr without specific skills, venturing into proofreading services is an excellent avenue to earn income. It’s advisable to have proficiency in a language other than English as your primary language.

However, you ought to speak a language other than English as your first language.

Customers need to have some prior experience, and English proofreading services are highly competitive.

However, if you speak another language fluently—like Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, or another—you will have minimal competition and be able to accept orders even if you have never proofread before.

  1. File Conversion


This is most likely the simplest Fiverr gig you can make.

There are gigs available that offer Word to PDF document converting.

It’s very simple, most of you will be able to do this. Even if you don’t, you may search for “Word to PDF” on Google and find a number of websites with free tools that will enable you to convert the file quickly.

  1. Examining Users


Customers are prepared to pay for the opportunity to test and give initial impressions of a company’s website, application, or software.

You can give potential customers a list of the features you appreciate and don’t like about their product, along with a description of any issues you ran into during testing and proposals on how to make it well.

  1. Input of Data

Information / Information Entry

Simply copying and pasting data on Fiverr can earn you money.

Excel and Google Spreadsheets allow anyone to enter data. Although they are frequently preoccupied with other crucial duties, buyers would prefer to outsource this work rather than perform it themselves.

Services like online research, contact data collection, and data scraping are also provided by a lot of vendors in the data input sector. These are all also fairly simple Fiverr tasks.

  1. Delete the background graphics and design, edit the image, and edit the product image.

Taking off the background from photos is another way that anyone may get money on Fiverr.

You can find free tools to remove a backdrop from an image by searching for “background removal” on Google.

  1. Travel Schedules


For all Fiverr novices, services in the traveling subcategory are also highly recommended.

For instance, if you live in a large city, you can provide guide services within your area, create customized itineraries, or assist with immigration-related matters.

All you need to do is put in some time to conduct research; no skills are required.

  1. Online Helper


Virtual assistants can do a variety of tasks, some of which may call for training.

However, you can list non-skill-requiring services that you can offer as a virtual assistant.

You can provide services in the areas of general administration, online research, and data entry.

  1. Graphic and Design Resumes | Resume Design

Your lack of abilities prevents you from earning money on Fiverr in the Graphic & Design category because there are so many free tools and templates available online.

You might provide customers with a lovely resume template. You can upload data into the template for an additional fee.

You may get free templates from several sources. With over 7,000 free templates, Canva is presently the finest option.

  1. Graphic Design & Book Design / Book Design

Very comparable to the prior service.

You may use and modify more than 2.000 free templates on Canva.

If you look through the Canva free templates and then check out the vendors offering book design on Fiverr, you’ll notice that many of the templates are familiar. Canva is the tool that most vendors use to create book covers.

  1. Design of T-shirts


T-shirt design is another Fiverr gig in the Graphic & Category. T-shirt designs are in high demand. T-shirts are sold by a lot of people on (Teespring, Redbubble, and Amazon.)

It’s not necessary to be a designer to make t-shirt designs. You can modify pre-existing templates once more.

In addition to Canva, Placeit from Envato is another option. Also, Placeit offers a variety of lovely t-shirt mockups.

  1. Content on Social Media

Social media marketing, digital marketing, and social content

The subcategory of social media marketing is quite expansive and encompasses a wide range of services that call for expertise, such as ad setup and administration or analytics and tracking services.

On the other hand, many services are available without the need for any kind of ability.

For instance, some Fiverr merchants create product-related TikTok video reels or captions for Instagram.

  1. Thumbnail Design for YouTube / Graphics and Design / Social Media and Design / Thumbnail Design

Creating YouTube thumbnails is a relatively simple Fiverr task that anyone can complete, even without prior graphic design experience.

You can visit Canva, look through its collection of free YouTube thumbnail templates, and edit any that you find.

Get acquainted with Canva if you haven’t used it before.

One of the best things about designing thumbnails for YouTube is that you can get many orders from the same customers.

When YouTubers see how you made their thumbnails, they will get in touch with you for future videos.a.

equire visually striking images and videos, and you can assist them.

All you really need is a decent camera and a little imagination.


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